Thursday, December 8, 2011


First of all i would like to greet all and welcome to my Initiative.... The Ark's Bloom....(TAB)
Don't ask me why i choose this name...its a long tale to be told..

Am Manveen Kaur and me with my sister Bhajandeep Kaur and her loving husband who helps us to pack and wrap stuff only and sometimes (read rarely) comes up with new design ideas for us.

Me happy happy

My sister and her husband

As of now we do crochet and make earrings. My sister has been crocheting since age of 10 and crochet is her first love, i have just started crocheting because i really love those cute little crochet things but sadly i cant afford them. I also love earrings, i cant get enough of them, so one day i decided that i will do my own earrings and hence our very first venture started :)

Soon i will upload some pics of our stuff and places from where we are thinking to retail.

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