Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Why i like half hand gloves?

  1. its not the usual boring gloves
  2.  its for slim beauties to show off hand in style
  3. an acessory that will transform one into fashion diva
  4. snugly and well fitted especially for palms
  5. feels like a real life princess with the pearl gloves
  6. You can never ever hate your hand while wearing these gloves(it hides fat well)

Made out of wool, hand warmers  will keep you warm as well as provides easy motion to your hands without restricting your finger movemnet. Not only they allow you to easily acess things but look great on the hands.These half hand gloves go well with casual as well as formal western wear and is the acessory if you want to hit disc/bar. It can also be gifted to your loved ones as a unique gift


  1. Awesome work, Veenu :)
    They are so beautiful :)

  2. now u can but this stuff at 50% off