Wednesday, December 14, 2011

shawls and wraps :)

 Triangular stoles are the best, they can be used as poncho, as a wrap and even as a shrug
I couldn't resist the girl in me to crochet this in pink, I think it will look good in black also .

A soft furry stole to provide warmth
I love this color, I know it doesn't get along with the colors I already have in my wardrobe but its such a unique shade I couldn't resist myself. I have one in purple also.
see here 

The crochet stole is inevitable, its one thing you cant afford to miss, its the best when u just want to show off and don't actually require much warmth. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sandals :)

Barefoot sandals, colorful and modern, as stylish as you are

These sandals will add to your trendiness in summers and provide you warmth as well in summers. Flaunt it yourself in your yogal class/ dance class or buy it for your friends and relatives.The length can be adjusted and hence it makes a great gift that can be used for all age groups


Tassels to make your look elegant and rebellious. Juxtaposition of these wonderful earrings will leave u mesmerized.

Handamade out of yarn with love  and warmth of sisterhood, frankness of a friend and caring of a parent. These earrings can be worn with matching as well as contrasting colors and go well with traditional as well as western attire.

Silver Earrings- drop of moon

Earrings is one acessory that you can use time and again and still mesmerize others. These earrings of yours will go with all the outfits, be it colorful,shiny or plain black. Its made from stainless steel and have diameter of 1 cm. You can never go wrong with this.

Cellphone Cover

Intricately designed especially to fit your  cellphones like second skin

 Most important need of our time is to make your expensive cellphones easy to carry and modern to look.This Hand made stylish mobile cover is made of contrasting color crochet thread with  crochet flower work. It has wonderful  and neat finishing.  This mobile cover can be used at office, marriage, Party occasions, ethnic programmes. It can also be gifted to your loved ones


Why i like half hand gloves?

  1. its not the usual boring gloves
  2.  its for slim beauties to show off hand in style
  3. an acessory that will transform one into fashion diva
  4. snugly and well fitted especially for palms
  5. feels like a real life princess with the pearl gloves
  6. You can never ever hate your hand while wearing these gloves(it hides fat well)

Made out of wool, hand warmers  will keep you warm as well as provides easy motion to your hands without restricting your finger movemnet. Not only they allow you to easily acess things but look great on the hands.These half hand gloves go well with casual as well as formal western wear and is the acessory if you want to hit disc/bar. It can also be gifted to your loved ones as a unique gift

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Knitted Scarves

Who doesn't love SCARVES?? Scarves are trendy and keep you warm and save you from cold 

this knitted scarf is as warm as its trendy

Scarves can be worn at formal ocassions also, just you need the right one and need to carry it well and you will be the fashionista of the party

This is soft as fur scarf cos its made of furry knit