Wednesday, December 14, 2011

shawls and wraps :)

 Triangular stoles are the best, they can be used as poncho, as a wrap and even as a shrug
I couldn't resist the girl in me to crochet this in pink, I think it will look good in black also .

A soft furry stole to provide warmth
I love this color, I know it doesn't get along with the colors I already have in my wardrobe but its such a unique shade I couldn't resist myself. I have one in purple also.
see here 

The crochet stole is inevitable, its one thing you cant afford to miss, its the best when u just want to show off and don't actually require much warmth. 


  1. Good stuff!

    You should start selling them on eBay :)

  2. now u can but this stuff at 50% off

  3. wow...all 3 are so beautiful...The green stole is my fav of them....where did you get the pattern from?

  4. beautiful knits Manveen - Sunayana

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